Sunday, May 15, 2011

                          PHOTOGRAPHS BY MONIA * LIPPI

Vietnam Projects:


General Projects:

 MINISTERO DEI BENI CULTURALI: Contemporaneita' e Fotografia. "At 36000 Feet". 
 CRAF - Friuli Venezia Giulia Fotografia 2015.
 CRAF - Friuli Venezia Giulia Fotografia 2015.
 SI FEST #23: Savignano Immagini Festival 2014. HABITAT Project.
 PUNTO DI VISTA: SI FEST #23. Savignano Immagini festival 2014. "HABITAT Project".
 EXIBART: FEST #23: Savignano Immagini Festival 2014. "HABITAT Project".
 CESENA TODAY: SI FEST #23. Savignano Immagini Festival 2014. "Habitat Project"
 IL GIORNALE: SI FEST #23, Savignano Immagini Festival. HABITAT Project.
 SPRING/BRAKE Art Show "Car Wash Incident" Film. March 2013. 
 CINEMA ASSASSIN: "Car Wash Incident" Film by Jack + Leigh Ruby. Still Photography. 
 VIMEO: "Car Wash Incident" Film - 6 Min. by Jack + Leigh Ruby. Still Photography.
 MI BROOKLYN POSTCARD Competition: 2nd Place Winner with "The Monkeys' Corner".
 DNAINFO: New York. 7 Brooklyn Images Chosen to Represent Borough in New Postcards.
 CONNECTING CULTURES: Forme Dell'Abitare. "Habitat Project".
 REXOLUCION VECTORIAL: "Nocturnal Brooklyn" series.
 TRIENNALE di MILANO; Milano e Oltre/Forme Dell'Abitare. "HABITAT Project".
 NAIMA FARAO': Milano & Oltre - Triennale di Milano. "HABITAT Project".
 NAIMA FARAO': Turin Photo Festival Exhibition. "HABITAT Project".
 URBANAUTICA Blog: "Floating Winona" series.
 FLICKR: MPLS Photo Center - PORTRAITS - "Occupy Heroes" Color D-Print. 2nd one.
 WOLVES DON'T BARK: "The  Judge". Jeff Wood Performance Pictures.
 VIMEO: The Judge" by Jeff Wood. Video and Photos.
 UNDERWOLF RECORD: "Watch The Wall Instead" UW002: CD Cover Photo.
 ALL MUSIC: "Watch The Wall Instead" UW002: CD Cover Photo.
 UNDERWOLF REC.:"The Light and Other Things"UW004: CD Digital Release Cover Photo. 
 UNDERWOLF REC.:Noah and Rosalie Kaplan, Giacomo Merenga, Wes Matthews' Photos.
 SITE SANTA FE EXHIBITION "Time Lapse": "Yuri's Office"Still Photos with Eve Sussman.
 SITE SANTA FE EXHIBITION "Time Lapse": "Yuri's Office" Still Photos with Eve Sussman.
 NETART: "whiteonwhite:algorithmicnoir" Film by Eve Sussman. Still Photography.
 VIMEO: DEMO "whiteonwhite:algorithmicnoir" Film by Eve Sussman. Still Photography.
 CHEAP & PLASTIQUE: "whiteonwhite:algorithmicnoir". "Yuri's Office" with Eve Sussman.


Photography Collaboration Projects and Exhibitions:

1996 - 1999   "Teatro Due Mondi." Still photographer for theater plays, street performances, catalogs and
                   posters’ Company. She shot also for the Company "Masque Teatro", "Teatro della Valdoca", 
                   "Kinkaleri", Italy.
2000                        "Tomo" and “In Memory of Davide Sorrenti” Art and Fashion Photography Books realized 
                    by Giorgio De Mitri. Color correction by Monia Lippi. Edited By Sartoria Comunicazione,
                    Modena, Italy.
                   Photography exhibition curated by Francesca Sorrenti for donations to The Thalassaemia    
                   Foundation, NYC.
2005           “SURE. Shall we talk about it?” Original Nike dance Performance. Produced by Nike and
                   realized by “d.e.s.t.” Nike Woman Project. Art Director Giorgio De Mitri. Choreographed
                   and directed by Costanza Macras. Video and Still Photos. La Posteria, Milano. Italy.
2006           "Sangre de Mi Sangre" Feature Movie, Directed by Christopher Zalla. Still and Documentary 
                   Photos by Monia Lippi. NYC. The thriller won the Grand Jury Prize: Dramatic at the 2007
                   Sundance Film Festival and screened in Cannes.
2007           "Gnome" Trailer. Directed, performed and produced by Will Janowitz, Still Photos for the
                   realization of the movie’s trailer shot by Monia Lippi. NYC.
2011           "3 People I Have Never Heard Of" Feature Movie. Directed by David Rosfeld.
                   Featured Photography by Monia Lippi. NYC.
2011           "Whiteonwhite: algorithmicnoir" at Cristine Tierney Gallery, NYC. Experimental Fiction Film 
                   Installation directed by Eve Sussman/Rufus Corporation Solo Exhibition, with the "Yuri’s
                   Office" pictures series shot by Monia Lippi. 15 Sep. – 22 Oct.
2012           "TIME - LAPSE" SITE Santa Fe Contemporary Art Space Santa Fe, NM, U.S.
                   "Whiteonwhite: algorithmicnoir" Experimental Fiction Film Installation directed by Eve
                   Sussman/ Rufus Corporation with the "Yuri’s Office" pictures series shot by Monia Lippi.       
                   Collective Exhibition, 18 Feb. – 20 May.
2012           "Watch The Walls Instead" UW002 Record. CD Cover Photo. Free Jazz Instrumental Music.
                   Artists: Giacomo Merega, Marco Cappelli, Noah Kaplan with Mauro Pagani and Antony 
                   Coleman. Produced by Underwolf Record. Released in May, NYC.
2012           "The Light and Other Things” UW004. Merenga/Trozio/Kaplan Free Jazz Digital Release 
                   Record Features Cover Photo by Monia Lippi. Produced in July by Underwolf Record.
2013           "SPRING/BREAK Art Show", Old School. New York City’s Curator-Driven Art Fair.
                   "Car Wash Incident" Film directed by Jack + Leigh Ruby. Installation with dual screens 
                   projection with 8 audio channels and the 35mm Slideshow "5 Corners, 9  Characters, 2 Cars,
                   1 Bicycle" shot and animated by Monia Lippi. Curated by Simon Lee and Eve Sussman. 
                   March 7 - 10.
2013           "Whiteonwhite: algorithmicnoir" at the Musee d’Art Contemporain de Montreal, Canada.
                   Experimental Fiction Film Installation directed by Eve Sussman / Rufus Corporation and the
                   "Yuri’s Office" pictures series shot by Monia Lippi. 24 May – 2 Sept.

Collective Photography Exhibitions:
2005            "New Artist of The Month: Monia LIppi" Pierogi Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. 21 June - 20 July.
2007            "Pierogi Flatfiling" Interective curatorial Project. Artnews Projects Gallery, Berlin, Germany.
                    18 May – 23 June.
2008            "The Sixth Minnesota National Print Biennial 2008" Dept. of Art, University of Minnesota, at   
                    the Katherine E. Nash Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, U.S. 7 Oct. – 6 Nov.
2010            "SCOPE New York" International Contemporary Art Fear.Exhibition work with Gallery Nine5. 
                    March 3 – 7.
2010            "By Night" exhibition curated by Thomas Rajnai Studio at Huset under Bron, Stockholm,     
                    Sweden. 22 July – 25 July.
2010            "Capture Brooklyn” New York Photo Festival, Powerhouse Arena, Brooklyn, NY. 
                    Sept.24 - 15 Oct.
2011            "Urban View/Rural Sight" documenting a Sense of Place. Mpls Photo Center, Minneapolis, 
                    MN, U.S. 7 Jan. 6 – 21 Feb.
2012            "PORTRAITS: Up Close and Personal" Mpls Photo Center. Minneapolis, MN, US. 
                                            22 June – 19 Aug.
2012            "HABITAT PROJECT": is a research project about “altrnative” housing. Until now it's 
                    formed by 19 photographers, Monia started to be part in September with her "Floating
                    Winona" project.
2012            "TURIN PHOTO FESTIVAL", Collective "HABITAT Project" at Res Nova, Turin, Italy. 
                    Nov. 7 – 30.
2013            "TRIENNALE di MILANO" MILANO & OLTRE – Una Visione in Movimento. Curated by
                    Connecting Cultures with the participation of "HABITAT Project", Studio Azzurro, 
                    Stalker/On and Elisabetta Ranieri. Triennale di Milano, Italy. May 2  30.
2014            "SPRING/BREAK Art Show", Old School. New York City’s Curator-Driven Art Fair.          
                   "AT 36000 FEET" Photographs by Monia Lippi, Digital Print on Etching Paper 64"x44" .     
                    Curated by Eve Sussman and Simon Lee. 4 – 9 March.
2014            "MOMENTA ART SPRING BENEFIT 2014", Brooklyn, NY. Apr.18 – May 7.
2014            "WE LIVE IN BROOKLYN, BABY!": A Night of Photography", Lodz Photo Festival, Poland.
                    Screening Brooklyn's Pictures Slide Show of 20 Photographers. Curated by United Photo  
                    Industries, NY. June 6.
2014            "PHOTOVILLE", Annual Photographic Event in New York City. Opening night with the    
                    collective Slide Show "We live in Brooklyn, Baby!". Participating with the "Nocturnal 
                    Brooklyn" series. Produced by United Photo Industries, Brooklyn, NY. Sep. 18.
2014            "SI FEST #23", Photo Festival, Savignano sul Rubicone. "ATLANTE.IT" Space Mir Mar,
                    San Mauro Pascoli, Italy. "HABITAT Project" collective exhibition, with the "Floating 
                    Winona" series. Oct. 3 – 5.
2015            "HABITAT OPEN ARCHIVE": "HABITAT Project" at M^C^O – New Center for Art Culture
                    and Research, in collaboration with MICIAP – Journal of Urban Photography, Milan, Italy.
2015            "CONTEMPORANEITA' E FOTOGRAFIA", Friuli Venezia Giulia Fotografia 2015. Palazzo    
                    Polcenigo, Cavasso Nuovo. Organized by CRAF Centro di Ricerca e Archiviazione della 
                    Fotografia, Spilimbergo, Italy. Participating with "At 36000 Feet" series. July 12 –Oct. 4.
Video and Film Festivals:

1996            "UniVideo", European Festival. Video “Scroscio”, 1’ min, Pescara. Italy. Collaboration project
                    with Monica Petracci.
1997            "Anteprima per il Cinema Indipendente Italiano" 15’ Edition. Video “Na Mna Side”, 3’min.
        Special Mention ”Gabbiano d’Argento”. Bellaria, Italy. 6 – 10 June. Collaboration project
        with Monica Petracci.
1997               "UP & COMING" Hannover ‘s Film Festival. Video “Na Mna Side”, 3’min. Special Mention 
                    of the Italian section. Kestner Gesellschaft, Hannover, Germany. 4 - 9 Nov. Collaboration
                    project with Monica Petracci.
1999            "Riccione TTV Videofestival 14” Edition", Riccione Teatro, Riccione Italy.
2001            "Elettroshock" Acquario Romano. Organized by the Museo Laboratorio di Arte 
                    Contemporanea dell’Universita’ “La Sapienza”, Beni Culturali and Palazzo delle Esposizioni,
                    Rome, Italy. 21 – 27 May. Collaboration project with Monica Petracci.
2006               "The Dance" by Nike. Video Installation with 3 screens by Monia Lippi, Photographer Ryan 
                    McGinley, Artist Aka Shoplifter. La Posteria, Nike Studio, Milano, Italy. 27 Sep. - 15 Nov.

Solo Show Exhibition:

2008            “Nocturnal Brooklyn”, Gallery Nine 5, NYC, Sept. 8 - 10 Oct. 


2013:           "Mi Brooklyn Postcards" Photo Contest. 2’ Price Winner, global distribution Postcards,      
                    presented by Brooklyn Tourism, initiative of Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz
                    in collaboration with United Photo Industries, announced at the Barkley Center, Brooklyn, 
                    NY, 11 April.


2001            "Yoox sta Fiorendo" Photos by Jonathan Frantini and Monia Lippi, devised by Radiosity, 
                    Milan, Italy.                   
2001            "Yoox" Television Spot, 1’min. Shot by Jonathan Frantini and Monia Lippi, devised by        
                    Radiosity, Milan, Italy.
2006            "Nike Spring-Summer 2006" Nike Woman Collection, Photos Catalog by Monia Lippi and 
                    Hellen van Meen. Berlin, Germany.

Yook, Italy.
Radiosity, Italy.
Sartoria Comunicazione di Giorgio De Mitri. Italy.
Nike, Italy and U.S.
Eve Sussman / Rufus Corporation, New York, US.
Underwolf Record, New York, US.

Private Collectors:  

Berlin, Boston, Italy, Lebanon, London, Montreal, New York City, Norway, Oklahoma City, Oslo, Paris.